ReaganEmail Uncategorized Jay Hoffman, producer a convicted criminal & partner with Michael Reagan

Jay Hoffman, producer a convicted criminal & partner with Michael Reagan

his scheme is Jay Hoffman, a convicted criminal.

In 2001 Jay Hoffman was convicted and incarcerated on several counts of wire fraud and for defrauding and stealing money from real estate clients. He served a 27-month federal prison sentence and was released from jail in May 13, 2004 (Federal Prison inmate: Register Number: 20934-112).

Prosecutors said Hoffman told one client that he could arrange for reduced payoffs on home mortgages because of his connections at the Resolution Trust Corp., the government agency created to take over failing savings and loan associations in the 1980s.

He conned the client into giving him a cashier’s check for $169,000 to pay off a mortgage but then used the money for his own purposes, prosecutors said.

In the second fraud case, Hoffman was accused of pocketing $500,000 that a client had given him to place in escrow in the purchase of a $2.9-million office building in Van Nuys.

Jay Hoffman is one of the main owners of email service. Conclusion, is a fraudulent organization

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