WARNING! Reagan.com email service is a scam!

Reagan.com email service is a total scam. The idea was stolen by Michael Reagan and his greedy criminal partners. The promise of “privacy” and that no-one is scanning your information is false to say the least.

Facts (from publicly available information):

1. Michael Reagan (the adopted son of Ronald Regan) and his convicted felon partner Jay Hoffman, Tim Kelly, Tony Saliba and others stole the idea from its creator. Public records show that Michael Reagan and his cronies were found liable of conversion (guilty of theft) by a Jury in California. He in FACT stole Reagan.com email service to enrich himself. So much for a “conservative” effort.

2. Reagan.com uses a public network (Rackspace.com) as the backend email system. https://www.rackspace.com/en-us/email-hosting/webmail Anyone can get this service for about $5.00 per year when Reagan.com charges $40 per year. But that is not the worse. The fact that anyone can use this service and Rackspace email is not secured, as they claim, is very deceiving.

3. The claim on the Reagan.com website “ will not copy, scan, or sell a single word of your email content. Your “Private” email will stay “Private”!
” is one of the biggest lies Michael Reagan and his partners are telling the world. Once you send an email from a public network (like Rackspace) and that email goes into the world wide web’s email exchanges, your email is no longer private. Mostly if you send it to any recipient with emails in Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, etc. Bogus claim here.

4. Michael Reagan is cashing in the fact that he was adopted by Ronald Reagan (never mind that he was sent to boarding schools at age of 5 years old). He is not a Reagan, for sure. Michael Reagan was accused of fraud in the 80’s. He got out of jail free because his adoptive dad was president at the time. He was found liable of conversion and theft in 2015.

5. Jay Hoffman, one of the Directors of Reagan.com is a convicted criminal. He served 25 months in Federal prison for Fraud. He was also found liable of conversion in 2015, has been sued at least 7 times for fraud (lost every one of them) and is currently (May 2016) defending another multi-million-dollar fraud lawsuit against him.

6. Reagan.com does not own the technology. They are just re-selling Rackspace’s services and cheating its users in the process. 

So, if you want to be part of a scam, help thieves become rich, and have your emails in a public network, go ahead and pony up the $40/year. Suckers are born every day. Too bad for the memory of Ronald Reagan that his adopted son is a thief.