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Facebook confirms it scans your conversations in its Messenger app

Facebook confirmed that it scans conversations that people have on its Messenger app in order to ensure that the images and links are meeting its “community standards,” Bloomberg reports. The topic first drew scrutiny following an interview with Mark Zuckerberg in Vox, where the Facebook CEO told a story about a call he got regarding […]

98 facts and secrets Facebook knows about YOU

WHO knows the most about you? You might say it’s your partner or perhaps your mum, assuming you’ve had the sort of tame life a parent would find acceptable. But you’d be wrong, because tech companies now have more information about you than almost anyone else. The firm with the largest information stash is likely to be […]

Facebook Accused Of Reading Private Messages, Selling Data

Facebook Privacy? One aspect of the long-running debate about Facebook privacy may soon be heading to court. Two Facebook users, Michael Hurley and Matthew Campbell, filed a class action lawsuit against Facebook on Dec. 30, 2013, alleging that the social network “has systematically violated consumers’ privacy by reading its users’ personal, private Facebook messages without […]