Your email is not private or secured!

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The content and context of all your communications should be private, but it is NOT! Liberals and the government can literally read you like an open book.

What we learned in the past couple of weeks:

  • was hacked and the information of over 500 million users was stolen. 
  • is not secured. Wikileaks was able to hack
  •’s technology is vulnerable and has not been updated in over 4 years.
  • These companies are owned and controlled by liberals, period.

There is a solution, The only Private and Secured email service with its own proprietary technology and servers. 

Let me give you another 4 reasons why you must get a email account today:

1. They are spying on you!

Large Internet and email companies like Google, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, and others that offer free email accounts scan every word in your communications. They use this information to label you and the people you communicate with. 

By triangulating the content in your communications, in a short period of time, they can know more information about you that you thought was possible. As illegal and corrupt as this may sound, they protect themselves with their extensive user agreements and because they are providing free services, they legally own all of your communications and every word, file and picture in your emails. 

With, you OWN your emails, the content and the context in every single email you send

2. The government is feeling your pulse

Government agencies in the United States and in foreign countries are very interested in knowing details about you. They want to feel your pulse. 

Your email communications, if not secured and encrypted can give them information that you should not share with them or anyone. Do you own guns? Do you have health insurance? How are you planning to vote in the next election? What motivates you? What prescription drugs are you taking? Very scary… 

Protect your privacy. You have the right!

3. Hackers Out There

Current police statistics show that identity theft is one of the crimes on the rise. Bad characters intercept your communications and steal your passwords. They use the information on your emails to hack your bank accounts, insurance policies and extort money from friends and family.

They also track your whereabouts, to find the best times to enter your home or office. 

It is a clear and present danger!  Protect yourself today.

4. Privacy is your right!

The content and context of all your communications must be private. Just like it is a Federal Crime to open a letter sent using the USPS, emails should be protected, but they are not. Large email companies give “free email” accounts and therefore own every word, picture, file and sentiment in your emails and have the right to use the contents in every which way they want.

Get your name and private email address at today. Become a member of the largest private communications network built for Americans by Americans.

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