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Beware of Cyber Scams

If you’re using public Wi-Fi, you might be oversharing. On a free public network or even at home, using Wi-Fi means you’re potentially sharing your credit card numbers, passwords and other personal information with the world, leaving yourself vulnerable to criminals. With cybercrime costing Americans $800 million last year, the AARP Fraud Watch Network is […]

Conservative Email Service Email Service is the only communications system built for citizens with privacy and security in mind. is the only true conservative email service with the best technology and from the original creators of Email Service Text messaging Video messaging Secured email service Conservative Email a secured and private alternative to Reagan […]

How Google Spies on Your Gmail Account

In Google’s war with Facebook, Google’s “don’t be evil” motto could be a casualty. The search engine is now leveraging your private Gmail information to get an edge in the social networking wars. It’s creepy. Google is quietly mining your Gmail contacts database to figure out which competing social networks you belong to. When it […]

Google Is Being Sued For Reading Emails

A U.S. judge has agreed to allow a class action lawsuit against Google to proceed. In the suit, nine plaintiffs say that Google violated several laws, such as federal anti-wiretapping laws, by reading email messages in order to target ads, reports Reuters’ Dan Levine. Google asked the judge to dismiss the suit, arguing that users […]

Google Accused of Wiretapping in Gmail Scans

SAN FRANCISCO — Wiretapping is typically the stuff of spy dramas and shady criminal escapades. But now, one of the world’s biggest Web companies, Google, must defend itself against accusations that it is illegally wiretapping in the course of its everyday business — gathering data about Internet users and showing them related ads. The accusations, made […]

Google, a liberal company

”’Google”’ is a company whose primary business is [[Internet]]-based services, including an extremely popular [[search engine]]. Google is associated with [[liberal]] causes and has been criticized for catering to communist [[China]] in censoring information from the people as requested by dictators: : Reporters Without Borders joined others in asking how Google could stand up for […]

Facebook is blocking us. We are changing our name.

  Dear Members; We have confirmed that Facebook is blocking and filtering our conservative messages and preventing our growth (see table below). Our current name of American Conservatives is strong and it reflects who we are, but the liberals controlling Facebook don’t agree with our views and the views of our members. For that reason, […] email is not private

A simple internet search and a search on reveals over 50,000 email address of people that have paid $39.99 for a email.  I feel sorry for people that got scammed thinking that they were buying a secured and private email address. To prove our point, here is a list of 1000 email addresses […] email service

Michael Reagan and his convicted criminal partner Jay Hoffman stole from the creator. A jury in Los Angeles found Michael Reagan and his cronies liable of conversion (guilty of theft) in January 2015. Not only Michael Reagan is profiting from his adopted dad’s name, he is also screwing every one in the process. So, […]

Bad Economy, Unemployment, Underemployment? The Sharing Economy is Here to Help!

The Internet, Smartphones and Matching Technology Help People Supplement Their Income As families struggle with high unemployment and underemployment rates, several opportunities to supplement family income with the help of technology are becoming more popular. People are renting rooms in their homes to strangers on Airbnb and becoming taxi drivers with uBer and Lift., […]